About us

The Norwich & Norfolk Medieval Association (NANMA) was founded in 1975. A handful of individuals were interested in various aspects of Medieval English history and wanted to do more than simply read about it.

The association started out by practising unrehearsed foot combat, the first taking place on Mousehold Heath in Norwich.

The initial members had to make their own costume, accessories, weapons and armour and were eventually able to present unrehearsed combat displays between two or more knights to the public. These were watched over by the ladies sitting in a tented gallery. Courtly dance was added and in the early 1990s we embarked on our first living history event.

Since our inception, we've helped hundreds of members experience a taste of medieval life.

NANMA makes for a day out with a difference, suitable for all ages. We are able to provide a number of exciting and educational displays incorporating everyday life and skills, as well as siege warfare and archery. We offer an opportunity for hands-on participation, as well as knowledgeable and friendly members to explain what you see. Though most of our current work is done as a living history display, we are also able to provide characters and items for educational talks and film / TV work. If you're looking to join us, NANMA offers a friendly and supportive arena for re-enactment, whatever your interest in history.  We have craftspeople, scholars, peasants, archers and more, and we're always happy to add to the list.